These Four Restaurants In The City Of Falls Church VA Are Great

You’re going to enjoy these Falls Church VA restaurants I have lined up for you. I’ll tell you where they are located, too, so you can find them in a jiffy. These restaurants are popular and come with great reviews, so you know you’re going to enjoy the dishes they serve up. Check out these four Falls church restaurants that are some of the best in the city.

Have you heard of Sea Pearl Restaurant? The location for the restaurant is 8191 Strawberry Lane. Get some fresh seafood, and people say this restaurant is popular for brunch. Ice cream makes the menu highlights, so you might want to make room for dessert. Reviews point to this place featuring a great happy hour.

This next restaurant in Falls Church that I want to tell you about is Rice Paper. Rice Paper’s location is 6775 Wilson Boulevard. Have you ever tried coconut curry? That sounds absolutely delicious. I’m sure it’s very sweet for a main dish, but it still sounds delicious. Spring rolls, pho, lotus root and more make the menu at this very popular Vietnamese restaurant.

I like the name of this next top restaurant. It’s called Loving Hut, and it’s located at 2842 Rogers Drive. Loving Hut is known for its vegan desserts. There is a delicious cheesecake available, and I’m wondering what the vegan version tastes like. There is also ice cream. Have you had vegan ice cream before? I haven’t, but it would certainly be interesting to try. The regular food dishes on the menu are said to be great at this restaurant, too.

Maybe you’re in the mood for some scrumptious Italian food. That sounds absolutely delish. Located at 124 North Washington Street is a restaurant called Argia’s. Argia’s features outdoor patio dining if you like, and you’re talking about traditional and authentic Italian food dishes. People talk about being served family style at this restaurant.

That last would might have my vote if I were in Falls Church looking for a restaurant. The thing is, however, maybe you can actually find the time to stop by all of them. Now it’s time to pick one to visit first, and I bet you’re thinking about all the great food on the menu. You and yours will have excellent dining experiences in Falls Church, and you’re really going to like the city in general, too, as it’s quite charming.